Do Not Go To Your Guy Friends For Any Tips On Getting Ex Girlfriend Back

When your girl breaks up with you we all want to know how to get her back. Do not go to your guy friends for any tips on getting ex girlfriend back. Go to your girlfriends for advice. Girls know what girls want. Just remember that just because something works on one girl it doesn’t mean it will work on another.

Most girlfriends will give you a reason for the break up. Most of the time it’s something that your doing that they don’t particularly like. Your first assignment is to change that behavior. Some girls like clingy and needed guys but some girls don’t so if that’s the problem then try to do things without your girlfriend, give her time to herself.

You have to do a balancing act between showing enough attention and not smothering her with attention. Phone calls for instants. It’s perfectly acceptable to call your girl a time or two to say hello and see how her day is going but draw the line at two or three calls. Ten calls a day can get quite annoying.

If you are intent on getting your girl back you will only have a small window in which to do this. If you wait too long then she will have moved on to someone else. Take that small window of time and show her, you can be the man she wants you to be.

Now the way to do this is to keep your distant from your ex. Go out with other girls and let her see that you have changed. If you call, text, email, or randomly bump into your ex then your just crowding her and that will drive her further away.

However, if she sees you out with other girls and sees you are doing the things she wanted you to do all along then she will come to the realization that you have indeed changed.

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The Best Sex Position And Erogenous Areas Of The Body

I have come to learn (from experience) that love isn’t always sufficient to keep a partnership going strong. Intimacy and closeness is very important to getting a strong, happy, and healthy union. A man’s biggest sex organ isn’t his Johnson, it’s his mind. If his brain is attracted to you, his feelings can’t but follow, just because a man’s mind does what his brain tells him to do. To entice a guy is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and attract his basic brain. You can do so using these foreplay tips;


In case you and your lover happen to be together for some time, there is a good chance that you most probably haven’t gone out on a date. Many partners reach a point within their relationship that’s generally called ‘the comfort zone’. This zone is not one which you want to be in, as your partnership may feel a lot more like a friendship. To avoid this from occurring, ask your husband out on a date.

Although some women feel that their guys should probably carry out the asking, one foreplay tip is that you sometimes have to take hold of the situation yourself. Now may be among those times. Select an activity that is romantic, such as a romantic humor for a movie or a wonderful restaurant. This can help to spark a bit of romance and passion in your relationship, which might result in better and closer intimacy.


In terms of romance, in a relationship, ladies sometimes think that men should do it. You will also wish to if you understood what pleasure is derived from it. One of the simplest ways to do this is as simple as performing a lots of romantic gestures. When out shopping with your partner, grab his hand and hold it for a long time (not very long though; he may want to take out his wallet. Haha!). When walking by him in the house, give them a quick kiss. Sending an affection note to him in the workplace is one other passionate motion that you might want to try.


If your partnership enters into a comfort zone, sex and intimacy might appear to be a thing of the past. If you have sex, it may seem more like a responsibly, a chore, or even work. To aid decrease this sort of feeling, be sexy and seductive. Don’t await him to initiate sex and don’t ask if he is up for it first, just get into business. Strip your partner or simply just remove his clothes. Snuggle close to him on the couch and just begin massaging his body. You will be surprised just how easy and effective it’s to be sexy and seductive.


As it was previously stated, don’t ask if he wants to have sex and don’t await him to start. Instead, take matters into your own hands. Whether you begin with a little bit of foreplay or jump right into the intercourse, do this. Your husband should enjoy the surprise. Additionally, remember that being spontaneous requires having sex at different times of the day, as well as in various locations of the home.

Bedroom Play

To enhance sex and intimacy you should understand that a change will do you good. You might like to suggest to your husband that you just experiment inside the bedroom or take them on their suggestion to take action. Keep in mind that experimenting inside the bedroom doesn’t have to mean getting one more sex partner or doing a thing that makes you feel uncomfortable. A new sex position could be just what your partnership needs.

Be Smart

Approach your male when he’s together with his social group, not when he’s alone. Acknowledge him but make little talk first with his male (or female) buddies. Soon you will notice the man you are interested in focusing on you with interest. Listen for something you have in common, like an interest in taking pictures.

Activate his mental interest with a smile and also a light touch. You’re short-circuiting his mind by appealing straight to his primitive, limbic brain. Be ready ahead of time with a few funny stories of you as well as your former boyfriends and tell them to him when he begins to indicate attention. Soon he’ll indicate his interest in you by fondling or else touching or asking about the crazy accessory you’ve brought. This is his mind aroused by his brain.

Sensitive Organs To Tend To During Sex


Although the lips entirely are sensitive, according to “Cosmopolitan,” the curve between his outside lower lip and his chin contains very sensitive nerve receptors. While kissing, grab his bottom lip with your lips and caress this curve with your tongue, back and forth.


You will find a couple erogenous areas on his neck which are noteworthy. The nape of the neck and collarbone region is especially sensitive, as well as the small area right beneath his Adam’s apple. Lightly touch the nape of the neck with your fingers, wet lips or even a feather. Make use of the flat of your tongue to softly come up to his Adam’s apple, pausing just beneath it to make wide circles with your tongue.


A man’s nipples might be a lot more sensitive compared to a female’s, because the nerve endings are shorter. Also, men generally aren’t used to having that area touched in the heat of the moment. Roll the nipple gently with your fingers, increasing speed and pressure. Slowly lick circularly just outside his areola using the tip of your tongue, spiraling inward till reaching the center, then biting very gently.


You may call the inner thighs ‘the gift wrapping to his package’. Gradually and firmly stroke his inner thigh, beginning half-way in between his knee and groin and working your path upwards. Move your fingertips lightly up and down his inner thigh. As soon as you make your way up, tease your finger up and down the crevice where his thigh and groin meet.

Whoever said ladies aren’t smart? They for sure are with these smartly devised foreplay tips. What a man can do…

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