Your My Girlfriend The Words That Can Give A Woman Security

Your My Girlfriend-The Words That Can Give A Woman Security

If you have a hard time expressing your feelings and are afraid that if you do it will make you seem like less of a man or show that you are vulnerable in some way you are mistaken. Saying, "your my girlfriend and I love you" will show her that you are secure in your feelings and, frankly, are more of a man because you can express your feelings.

Conveying your feelings to her is easy and you will feel better for having done it. There are many other ways of saying, "your my girlfriend" beside the words you speak. Read on to find out what they are.

Pay attention to how your react when she enters the room. Do you smile and rush to greet her with a hug and a kiss? If you do then she can see and feel that you love her. This shows her that she makes you happy when she is around.

Cook for her. Everyone has to eat and if you put forth the effort to make her a romantic dinner once in a while she will know that you think fondly of her and want to see her happy. Include some candlelight and wine and you may just be rewarded for your efforts later.

This one may sound a little corny but if you are creative and like to rite then write her a love poem. If you play the guitar and have written some of your own songs, write her a song that expresses how you feel. She will feel special and very loved.

Buy her things. Nothing says "I love you" like little gifts given from the heart. Especially if they are given with no special occasion in mind. You may see something in a store window that you know she will just love. Go in and get it. This will prove to her that you do think of her when you are apart thus proving your love for her.

Make it a weekly thing to present her with a card that states how you feel. Every Sunday morning make her breakfast and place the card on the table where she can readily see it and enjoy reading it while she eats her breakfast.

Compliment her. Every woman loves to get compliments so come up with your own when she looks or smells good. Tell her you love her eyes or her smile or even her feet. It won’t matter what the compliment is for, if it comes from the heart she will appreciate it and you will bring a smile to her face.

This is a big one guys, actually take the time to listen to her when she talks. Active listening involves a lot of eye contact and being a part of the conversation. Listen closely and ask relevant questions about whatever it is she is talking about. Listening to someone when they talk is not only courteous but it shows that you respect that person and what she has to say.

If you choose to do all of these things on a regular basis you will get more comfortable with the idea of telling her that "your my girlfriend and I love you".

Younger Men Looking For Their Cougar Dating An Older Richer Women

Younger Men Looking For Their Cougar-Dating An Older Richer Women

If you are one of many younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women) then you are not alone. Cougar dating is huge and not frowned upon as much as it once was. Men do it all the time. They find young women to date and even marry. they leave their wives to do this.

Keep in mind that cougar dating is almost considered a phenomenon in that it has become very popular amongst younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women). But guys, the term cougar does not necessarily mean rich, older woman, it just means an experienced, older woman. She can be rich, and I guess that would be another perk of getting to know her.

Some younger men who find their rich, experienced cougar may be considered by many to be a kept man. If this does not deflate the ego of the young man then there really is no problem, is there? This relationship may not last long and maybe it wasn’t meant to but if he is getting everything he needs and wants then what would be his motivation for leaving except ego?

Society has not always been so accepting, though. An older woman who was seeing a younger man was accused of taking advantage of him and even publicly scorned. But as with all things the more you see it the more tolerant you become and with the marriage of Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher society loosened it’s opinion of older women dating younger men considerably.

If you are a young man reading this article, you may be starting to wonder how you would go about meeting your cougar. All you have to do is join an online cougar dating site and submit your profile. You can then search through listings of hundreds of women in your area looking for a younger man. Or, you could just sit back and let them find you.

These types of relationships used to be called May-September romances. May, because you as the young man are in the springtime of your youth and September, because she is in the fall of hers. Or, maybe they are called that because that is how long they usually last. The key to finding a date is submitting an exceptional profile that the cougars will fawn over.

You cannot expect a relationship like this to last because frankly that is just not what the cougar is looking for. When she was younger she was looking for Mr. Right, now she is just looking for (I love this) Mr. Right Now. Young men are perfect because they are young and virile and if they are good looking and have worked on their body they can be quite the trophy to have on her arm. So, If you are one of many younger men looking for their cougar(dating an older richer women) put your best foot forward and you will find the cougar of your dreams.

Women Who Pay For Everything On Dates Could Be Running Men Off

Women Who Pay For Everything On Dates-Could Be Running Men Off

Women who pay for everything on dates probably have a lot of different dates with a lot of different men because she is scaring them off. If a woman pays for a date, especially the first date then the man essentially thinks that she is giving him the brush off and only wants to be friends. This could be the furthest from the truth but that is how she is making the man feel by paying for the date.

Even if you are successful, let the man have his pride and let him pay for the first date. Do not even ask to go dutch because that will send the same "I just wanna be friends" message. He is trying to woo you and probably, hopefully, has a plan and thoughts on how this should go. He wants to show you that he is independent of his mother and can support you. OK, OK, this is mostly BS but let him have his fun. No need to tear down his ego just yet, that will come in time if the relationship lasts.

Besides, letting him pay can show you what kind of a man he really is. Pay attention, does he steer you toward the least expensive entrees on the menu? Do you get the idea that he expects something in return for paying for the meal? Do you get the feeling he is only spending money to try to impress you?

Seems to me if he were stupid enough to try any of these things, especially on a first date then he doesn’t think much of you and you should steer clear of him in the future. This type of guy could be trouble and you do not need any drama in your life so just finish the date and do not accept another one.

Women who pay for everything on dates may have their own issues, as well. Control issues for one and possibly fear of commitment issues for two. Are you the type of woman who has convinced herself that she does not need anyone in her life? If you are then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Everyone needs someone and you are no exception. Fiercely independent women are most likely very lonely women. Find a good balance between your independence and your need for others around you. You will probably be a much happier person.

A better way to handle the first date situation would be to let him pay and keep his ego intact then smile your sweetest smile and tell him you had a great time. Then put the offer out there that you will pay for the next date. If he is as progressive and enlightened as he thinks he is he should not have a problem with alternating the paying for dates with you. This way you will not be considered one of those women who pay for everything on dates.

Women Who Date Men That Are Not As Successful

I believe it was 2009 when the medical schools in this country finally started graduating more female doctors than male doctors. I think this same trend is hitting the dating world where women who date men that are not as successful as they are. Women are gaining status and respect in the business world as well and men who want to date them need to accept this fact.

Should a woman play down her intelligence and abilities just to appease a man’s ego? I don’t think so. If she has worked hard and made sacrifices to get where she is today in her career she should be able to reap the rewards and benefits of that effort and not be expected to play dumb when she gets home from work.

Not every man out there is going to be able to adjust to women who date men that are not as successful either. It may take quite a while for the woman to find someone who can adjust. If the guy makes this a big issue it will ruin any chance the relationship has of continuing.

A smart woman may be able to let the man do the courting the way he wants to with out starting to throw her money around right away. He is trying to be romantic and show you he is a good provider, whether he needs to be or not. I think this is an ingrained male aspect that they are all born with. This does not mean you are any less independent this just means you are letting him have his way and letting him feel important and needed. If you are good at this he will never know you are really the one in control.

If your relationship is to go any where do not make him feel like he is less successful than you. There is no need to ‘rub his nose in it’ just because it is so. If the male in a relationship feels secure in his own right then the woman’s success should never be a problem. A problem will arise if he sees himself as the macho man provider and has to be the breadwinner in the family.

If a man does not have respect for himself then he will not be able to have respect for anyone else either. Least of all a woman who makes more money than he does. If you do make more than he does then just match what he makes for the household bills and leave the rest in the bank. He probably will not feel insecure if you do not throw the fact that he is not as successful as you are up in his face.

Let him have his security and just have fun dating. If he makes a big deal about women who date men that are that are not as successful then kick him to the curb and move on to the next.

Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back After She Dumped You

Ugh! Why is it that relationships have to be so complicated? One moment things seem to be going great, and the next moment you want to know how to win your ex girlfriend back after she dumped you. Before you start doing anything to win her back, you need to make absolutely sure that you really want her back. Perhaps you are just assuming you should get back together, but do some soul searching first, before you start taking action. From this point forward, we will assume that you are 100% sure about wanting to get back together.

You need a plan if you want to get anywhere. If you don’t have a plan then you will expend a lot of effort getting to an unknown point, and you won’t even know when you haven’t arrived. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Yes it does, and that’s another reason why you need a plan; it will give your purpose more clarity. Decide what your end goal is, and then start working backwards from there, figuring out what steps will eventually lead you there.

Now, if you knew what steps to take, you wouldn’t be reading this, right? There is some truth to that statement, but there also some things that you will have to figure out on your own by using some trial and error. You will probably make a few mistakes along the way, and will encounter a few obstacles. The only way to get beyond them is by being willing to do whatever it takes to win your ex girlfriend back after she dumped you.

She dumped you, you didn’t dump her. Do you know why she dumped you? She may have told you, or you may have some idea, but what you need to do is dig deep to get to the root of the problem that caused her to break up with you. Chances are that the first ideas that pop into your head will only be the symptoms of some deeper issues. If you wish to get back together, then you are going to have to uncover the real problems, and also be willing to face them head on.

Once you figure out what really went wrong you can then work on solutions. You will be able to arrive at some solutions on your own, but they will be more effective solutions if you get input from your ex girlfriend. The only way that can happen is by the two of you talking about it. That means you will have to let her know that you would like to have another chance. If you have done the previous steps well, and if you are sincere, then she should be willing to at least hear you out. Things may get intense, but the final key of how to win your ex girlfriend after she dumped you is to keep your cool. It may not always be easy, but it is possible, and it will be worth it when the two of you are happily together again.

Why Is My Boyfriend Acting This Way

Relationships can be rather complex. Sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out just what is going on in your boyfriends head. This can lead to a lot of problems and misunderstandings as you struggle to figure out why is my boyfriend acting this way.

Changes in behavior can be caused by any number of things. So it can be exceedingly difficult to figure out where exactly the problem is. Meanwhile you are left wondering if it was something you did. So it is no surprise that you want to get to the bottom of these changes and maybe fix them.

However, with so many potential possibilities it can be a very daunting task to get to the bottom of it. So you need to stop and ask yourself some basic questions to try and help you narrow down the possibilities.

1. Is he under some kind of pressure? People handle stress in all sorts of ways, from getting violent to getting drunk, to simply bottling up their frustrations and marching onwards. So you need to find out if your boyfriend is going through a particularly difficult time.

If there is some turmoil in his life, this could be leading to stress which might explain the change in his behavior. If something is putting a lot of pressure on him, even if he is handling it well he might still show signs which are what you are noticing.

2. Have you changed? In order to answer "why is my boyfriend acting this way", you should first stop and see if you are still acting the same. Just as your boyfriend might be having troubles, so might you. If you are dealing with something that causes you to act differently, your boyfriend might be picking up on this and reacting to it.

You may not even realize that you are acting differently. We often do not notice when something about ourselves changes. So take a step back and give a good look at yourself to make sure you are not the cause for your boyfriends change in behavior.

3. Did you miss an appointment? Missing a date or other appointment can explain your boyfriends change in behavior. Even if it was not something major like an anniversary or a night out, missing something might explain why is my boyfriend acting this way.

If you agreed to do something and failed to live up to your end, even if it is seemingly minor, this could explain it. While it may seem minor to you, to your boyfriend it might have been a big deal. So to have you forget it could have hurt him which is why he is acting the way he is.

There are so many reasons out there to explain your boyfriends changed behavior, however with these three questions you can narrow down the possibilities. So while these questions may not give you the answers you want, they can help you on the road to uncovering the truth behind the change in your boyfriend, which is ultimately the goal.

Why Couples Need Common Interests

When you first meet someone you may have no idea what their interests are and so you really don’t know if you have anything in common. If you really like this person you may not care at first whether you have anything in common or not as your infatuation with this person convinces you that you need not worry about common interests at this point. You may fall madly in love with this person very fast before you really get to know them well and you are convinced that everything will work out perfectly. At this point in the relationship you don’t even think about common interests as they just seem irrelevant.

At some point in the relationship you will begin to notice your differences, especially if they are big differences and you begin to notice that you actually don’t have anything in common at all. He loves loud, rock music while you love quiet, slow music. He loves sport while you hate sport. You love art and he hates art. These are just some examples of interests that can differ and a few different interests aren’t a problem, the problem comes when you can’t find anything in common.

What if a guy has a passion for sky diving and does it quite regularly but his new girlfriend has an extreme fear of heights and flying and will not even consider the possibility of going sky diving with him? That’s ok, that’s just one difference and I’m sure they can work around that. But let’s say this girl loves dogs and is actually quite passionate about them and spends a lot of time showing her dogs. She may even have a goal of one day breeding her dogs. What if the boyfriend hates dogs and does not want a dog in his home and there is absolutely zero chance you will get him to go to a dog show? Both of these examples are actually quite big differences and if there are a lot of differences like these then it can be very difficult to work around them. If a couple had differences like in these two examples, when would they actually see each other? They would always be off doing their own thing and at no time would do them together. Then if the relationship reached a point of them wanting to move in together how would they solve the dog problem. If a couple’s differences are this big then they may need to reconsider their relationship.

There is more to a relationship than initial attracted and a good sex life. For a couple to be happy together long term they do need to have some shared interests. A good way to meet someone with similar interests is to spend time doing the things you love and if you go out to the places that involved your interests, e.g. dog shows, then you are likely to meet many people that share that interest. You can then meet someone that is actually interested in talking about your interests and passions if they share that passion. You can make a connection with someone that is much deeper than just being attracted to them physically.

You can also meet people with similar interests through dating agencies or websites. When you join a dating website you will be asked to fill in some details about yourself and you can include your interests. Then the dating service will match you to other people with similar interests. You can soon meet someone that enjoys the same things that you enjoy and you can begin chatting to them online before actually meeting them in person. This gives you a good opportunity to meet someone and get to know them without letting physical attraction cloud your vision. That’s not to say that you don’t want to meet someone that you find attractive, I’m sure you do want someone that you are physically attracted to. But it is good to also get to know someone’s personality as well as having the physical attraction.

If you date someone simply because you are attracted to them physically and find that you have absolutely nothing in common then you may not have a happy life with this person. At some point the physical attraction will not be enough and you will want more from the relationship. It is fine to have some different interests as couples can benefit from occasional time apart doing their own thing, but generally you do need to have some interests so you can go out and enjoy yourself together.

Which Online Dating Service Specialize In What Women Need

Which Online Dating Service-Specialize In What Women Need

Years ago, dating services were thought to be the last hope for the desperately lonely or those who might be considered "difficult" when it came to finding a mate. Such services had a sometimes negative perception, even though that perception probably wasn’t warranted. Men once dominated the client lists at matchmaking businesses and that imbalance made matching even more difficult, and when it came to a dating service women apparently would more likely have relied on their friends than they would a paid consultant. The Internet has changed all of that.

These days, people are busier than ever before. Demands on our time have increased dramatically, and modern singles who are looking for a potential date are more likely to try and get help with their search than in the past. While dating services often took the scattershot approach in years gone by, today there are many choices online for a dating service women might be interested in choosing to help them meet qualified potential dates. Fifteen or twenty years ago, most offline dating services weren’t very specialized, and the ones that were often focused on the high-income market as their primary specialty. In general, dating services of old cast a broad net in an effort to reel in as many potential clients as possible. That’s basically because such services were largely regional, relying solely on the pool of potential clients located in their immediate physical area.

Specialization is key to the success of the online dating services, and in particular in developing a dating service women would select to represent them. No longer is the simple broad matching, scattershot date selection an acceptable solution for the busy woman. A simple online search will reveal how specialization has affected the dating industry. Not only will you find the broad-based dating companies that mirror the offline matching service model, but now you’ll also find far more very specialized "niche" dating services that cater to individual lifestyles, life stages, or tastes.

Results are what matters most in date matching services, and specialization makes it easier for an online dating service to be effective and profitable.

In the modern online dating world there will be a dating service women would choose for any specialty: some focus on young daters, others focus on professionals, still others may opt to specialize in finding dates in a particular ethnic space, or others may focus on more mature singles. In short, women seeking help in developing a qualified dating pool will find that they need not cast only a broad net, but using the ‘net they can be very selective in exactly the sort of potential date they’re interested in locating.

All in all, today’s online dating offerings provide a wide variety of excellent specialized date matching options, and certainly enough variety to ensure that there will be a dating service women would select to help them find the date of their dreams.

When A First Date Should Be The Last Date Tips To Figure It Out

When A First Date Should Be The Last Date-Tips To Figure It Out

It is a very nervous time as you are preparing to go out on a first date. You might not know what to expect and you might worry about how to know if you should proceed to a second date or quit after the first. What if the guy is ok but you just aren’t quite sure that he is relationship material. Do you give him a second date to find out or do you bail out after the first date? There are some signs that you can look out for to know if this guy is a keeper or not.

The first sign you can get is to pay attention to where he takes you for your date. On a first date you should be taken somewhere public, somewhere that is conservative and casual. You want to know that he has actually put some thought into where to take you on your date so if he takes you to McDonalds then he obviously isn’t trying very hard to impress you. If he doesn’t put any thought into where he is taking you then he either doesn’t really care all that much about you or he’s just not very imaginative. You will probably know by the end of the date whether it is lack of imagination or that he just doesn’t care. If a guy doesn’t care enough to put some effort into a first date then he probably isn’t long term relationship material.

A confident man is a man that is worth having a second date with. If the guy leaves all the decisions up to you about where to go on your first date and what to order, then he may not have that much confidence. He may still be a great guy but you will need to decide whether you are willing to be the one that always makes the decision and takes control in the relationship. If you don’t mind a man with little confidence then it is worth moving on to the next date but if you prefer a man with lots of confidence then it might be time to say good-bye to this guy.

On the other hand you don’t want a man that is overly confident to the extent that he is arrogant. When you are walking down the street does he walk next to you or a few feet ahead of you? If he walks ahead of you then he is acting in an arrogant way and is not at all concerned about how that makes you feel. When you go out to dinner does he allow you to choose your own meal or does he just order for you? A man should be considerate of your taste and opinions and shouldn’t just assume that he has the authority to order and make decisions for you.

Communication is also something that is very important in a relationship and you can generally get an idea of his communication skills on that first date. Does he spend the date talking constantly about himself and his interests or does he spend time asking about you and wanting to know about you and your interests? If he takes the time to listen to you and seems interested in what you are saying then his communication skills are quite good. It also shows that he is really interested in you and not just in himself.

You can also get an idea of what he is like as a person on that first date. Is he courteous? Does he open the door for you and does he use his manners? Does he talk nice about other people and does he treat people nicely. You can get an idea about how he treats others by how he treats waiters at a restaurant or even just how he talks about his friends or people around you. These will all give you a good idea of his personality and how much he respects other people.

These are just some of the signs to look for on a first date that can give you an idea of what this guy is really like and whether it would be worth proceeding to a second date with him. If you still aren’t sure then go out on a second date and get a second look at these signs so you can make a good decision on whether you want a long term relationship with this guy.

What To Do When A Guy Doesnt Love You Back

It is devastating when you are madly in love with a guy who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You can’t help who you fall in love with and unfortunately it does happen from time to time when a person falls in love with someone who doesn’t love them back. It is painful and a very difficult situation to recover from. The good news is that as bad as it feels now, you will can past this and move on with your life to a much happier relationship with someone who will love you back.

Before you can move on from a situation like this you need to make the decision that you want to move on. I know you probably don’t feel like you want to move on but until you make this decision then you won’t be able to get on with your life. You can take as much time as you need to get over your feelings for this guy but don’t spend too much time wallowing in self pity. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself will not make you happy again and it certainly won’t make that guy love you. You don’t need to spend your life miserable just because one man didn’t love you back. Really think about your life and whether one guy is worth being miserable for! No! You are worth more than that and no guy is worth spending your life miserable, if he doesn’t love you then you are better off without him.

When you have realized that you are better off without this guy then you can move on with your recovery and with your life. You need to accept that he doesn’t love you and that there is no point trying to make him love you. If you have tried everything you can think of to make him love you and he still doesn’t then he is never going to. You can’t force love; it is something that happens naturally. It is even possible that in the future you may see this guy with a new girlfriend, who is not as attractive as you are and wonder how he can love her but didn’t love you. Like I said, you can’t force love and you can’t help who you fall in love with. It isn’t all about looks or body shape, there needs to be a connection and both parties need to feel it. So don’t wonder what is wrong with you and why this guy didn’t love you, he just had different tastes.

You may feel angry and you may even grieve for this lost relationship that could never proceed further. You can take whatever action you feel is necessary to work through your anger and get it out of your system. You might want to cry, scream or break things, just do whatever it takes to get past this stage. Grieving for this relationship that cannot be is part of the healing process. You have lost a dream and a person that you loved, even though he didn’t love you back you were still in love with him and it will take time to get over that.

The important point is to remember that you deserve to be with someone that loves you and loves you for who you are. There is a man out there waiting to meet you who will love you deeply and make you happy. But now, while you are hurting, turn to your friends as I’m sure they are willing to be there for you and help you in any way that they can. Go out with your friends and have some fun and actually start enjoying your life on your own, without a man. You will meet Mr. Perfect and when you do you will both feel the same love for one another. Your soul mate may be just around the corner waiting for you to move on with your life so you can meet him.