Do Not Go To Your Guy Friends For Any Tips On Getting Ex Girlfriend Back

When your girl breaks up with you we all want to know how to get her back. Do not go to your guy friends for any tips on getting ex girlfriend back. Go to your girlfriends for advice. Girls know what girls want. Just remember that just because something works on one girl it doesn’t mean it will work on another.

Most girlfriends will give you a reason for the break up. Most of the time it’s something that your doing that they don’t particularly like. Your first assignment is to change that behavior. Some girls like clingy and needed guys but some girls don’t so if that’s the problem then try to do things without your girlfriend, give her time to herself.

You have to do a balancing act between showing enough attention and not smothering her with attention. Phone calls for instants. It’s perfectly acceptable to call your girl a time or two to say hello and see how her day is going but draw the line at two or three calls. Ten calls a day can get quite annoying.

If you are intent on getting your girl back you will only have a small window in which to do this. If you wait too long then she will have moved on to someone else. Take that small window of time and show her, you can be the man she wants you to be.

Now the way to do this is to keep your distant from your ex. Go out with other girls and let her see that you have changed. If you call, text, email, or randomly bump into your ex then your just crowding her and that will drive her further away.

However, if she sees you out with other girls and sees you are doing the things she wanted you to do all along then she will come to the realization that you have indeed changed.

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