When A First Date Should Be The Last Date Tips To Figure It Out

When A First Date Should Be The Last Date-Tips To Figure It Out

It is a very nervous time as you are preparing to go out on a first date. You might not know what to expect and you might worry about how to know if you should proceed to a second date or quit after the first. What if the guy is ok but you just aren’t quite sure that he is relationship material. Do you give him a second date to find out or do you bail out after the first date? There are some signs that you can look out for to know if this guy is a keeper or not.

The first sign you can get is to pay attention to where he takes you for your date. On a first date you should be taken somewhere public, somewhere that is conservative and casual. You want to know that he has actually put some thought into where to take you on your date so if he takes you to McDonalds then he obviously isn’t trying very hard to impress you. If he doesn’t put any thought into where he is taking you then he either doesn’t really care all that much about you or he’s just not very imaginative. You will probably know by the end of the date whether it is lack of imagination or that he just doesn’t care. If a guy doesn’t care enough to put some effort into a first date then he probably isn’t long term relationship material.

A confident man is a man that is worth having a second date with. If the guy leaves all the decisions up to you about where to go on your first date and what to order, then he may not have that much confidence. He may still be a great guy but you will need to decide whether you are willing to be the one that always makes the decision and takes control in the relationship. If you don’t mind a man with little confidence then it is worth moving on to the next date but if you prefer a man with lots of confidence then it might be time to say good-bye to this guy.

On the other hand you don’t want a man that is overly confident to the extent that he is arrogant. When you are walking down the street does he walk next to you or a few feet ahead of you? If he walks ahead of you then he is acting in an arrogant way and is not at all concerned about how that makes you feel. When you go out to dinner does he allow you to choose your own meal or does he just order for you? A man should be considerate of your taste and opinions and shouldn’t just assume that he has the authority to order and make decisions for you.

Communication is also something that is very important in a relationship and you can generally get an idea of his communication skills on that first date. Does he spend the date talking constantly about himself and his interests or does he spend time asking about you and wanting to know about you and your interests? If he takes the time to listen to you and seems interested in what you are saying then his communication skills are quite good. It also shows that he is really interested in you and not just in himself.

You can also get an idea of what he is like as a person on that first date. Is he courteous? Does he open the door for you and does he use his manners? Does he talk nice about other people and does he treat people nicely. You can get an idea about how he treats others by how he treats waiters at a restaurant or even just how he talks about his friends or people around you. These will all give you a good idea of his personality and how much he respects other people.

These are just some of the signs to look for on a first date that can give you an idea of what this guy is really like and whether it would be worth proceeding to a second date with him. If you still aren’t sure then go out on a second date and get a second look at these signs so you can make a good decision on whether you want a long term relationship with this guy.

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